About Recruito

We created Recruito to help recruitment agencies collect genuine reviews and prove their credibility.

Reviews are becoming more and more important in today's business world. We use reviews ourselves all the time when purchasing a product or service. This has changed a lot in the last years, and reviews are now being read by more people than ever when making purchases. As a Director of a Recruitment agency, Phil identified reviews as the most important way to showcase the work a recruitment agency does. He wanted to find a way to collect and show reviews tailored to the needs of a recruitment agency. Other review sites were not specialised for the recruitment market.

Recruito was born out of an idea to help agencies:

1. Show Jobseekers how your Agency will help them find the next step in their career

2. Gain new Clients by promoting credibility and trust

3. Help your own agency to become better by learning from customer feedback

Through this vision Recruito aims to raise the overall standard of the recruitment industry

The Founders

Phil is the founder of a recruitment agency running since 2012 specialising in IT professionals. He is a fan of aviation and enjoys flying as a private pilot.

Tobias is the founder of a digital advertising agency and rail ticket eCommerce website. He is a keen traveller and has a passion for kitesurfing and snowboarding.

Natalie is the cofounder with Phil of a recruitment agency, and has experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. She enjoys creating music and her current passion project is DJing.

All three founders have known each other for many years and share an entrepreneurial spirit.